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"At first, the story is fascinating. Soon, it becomes dizzying. Quickly, it turns sickening. And eventually, it’s heartbreaking." - Roger Ebert

"The Netflix documentary “Girl in the Picture” is an astonishing, horrific, fascinating and complex true-crime story that starts with a brutal act of murder in the late 20th century and winds its way well into the 2000s and 2010s. It’s arguably the most labyrinthian real-life crime story you’ll ever hear, and at times I felt a sense of perception whiplash just trying to keep up with all the stunning twists and turns, but thanks to the skilled work by acclaimed director Skye Borgman (“Abducted in Plain Sight”), the precise editing that shifts from time period to time period not as a gimmick but with purpose, and new interviews shedding light on various aspects of the case, we keep up with the story." - Chicago Sun Times

"While “Girl in the Picture” doesn’t skip over any salacious details, it also doesn’t let its villain define what the story is about. Instead, Borgman brings Floyd’s victims back to life, by giving a voice to those who miss them." - Los Angeles Times

"The awful revelations in Skye Borgman’s documentary about a seeming hit-and-run are utterly staggering – yet it still treats the victims with a rare sensitivity." - The Guardian 


"Skye Borgman is an increasingly prominent voice in the true crime documentary industry, as evidenced by the success of her “Abducted in Plain Sight” and “The Girl in the Picture," and due to her skill at conveying the details of a case through a clearly empathetic eye. One can tell that Borgman cares about her subjects, usually child victims. True crimedocuseries about kids in trouble can often be exploitative, and even the construction of Borgman’s projects sometimes feel like they’re using real trauma in a way to maximize shock value. But what comes through in her work more than anything is how much she truly feels for the people she interviews, people caught in a nightmare they couldn’t have possibly imagined." - Roger Ebert

"Made by a well-known documentarist who, once again, delivers one hell of a crazy ride. Skye Borgman is the documentary filmmaker behind I Just Killed My Dad. Her name is quickly becoming synonymous with “must-watch best Netflix true-crime documentary”. From the mind-blowing Abducted In Plain Sight (2017) to Dead Asleep (2021) and Girl in the Picture(2022), she knows how to tell a story."

- Horror Heaven

"Borgman lays it all out before us with her customary consummate skill. She lets the participants speak their truths, while weaving in the practicalities and difficulties of the case via interviews with the lawyers. The way she frames and edits the story serves to challenge viewers’ assumptions along the way. What it is to know that she will never run out of stories." - The Guardian

“As a thematically linked companion piece to last month’s hit Girl in the Picture, which twisted and turned every few minutes until its viewers felt like a tangle of fairy lights, it is a sleeker, more introspective project.” - The Independent

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